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Claim your place in drumming history

If you're not in a band, have more than one band, or just want something simple and classic a personalised drum head from Custom Skins could be the answer to your prayers.

As per our fully custom heads, our personalised drum heads are printed onto quality Remo Ambassador drum heads.

Lusting for a fiberskyn? We offer a matt fiberskyn look so you can lust no more!

If you've got initials, we've already designed it

Everyone, barring a handful of Brazilian footballers, has initials, so your drum head is good to go. Just choose your crest style and colours, and we can get to printing.

The maximum amount of initials we can fit in is 3, so if you have a lot of middle names you might have to just choose the best one.  

We offer 4 crest styles, all available in the full range of colours and finishes:


Available in metallics

For a little extra zing why not add one of our metallic finishes to your crest design? 


If you are playing live regularly we'd recommend you protect your custom drum head with our optional Holz reinforcer installation.

Available in black, white and chrome, not only does a Holz protected mic hole look great, but enhances the sound of your bass drum.


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