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You design it. We'll print it.

It all starts with a brand new Remo Ambassador bass drum head:

Sad, isn't it? Not for long.

First we remove the Remo logo, leaving a pristine blank drum head. Meanwhile, the Custom Skins graphics department have been busy arranging your design, pixel by pixel, ready to print onto it.

Over, on the other side of the Custom Skins factory, a machine whirs to life, and prints your design onto an almost imperceptively thin film in magnificent 8 colour glory. This is then transferred to another equally whirry machine, which is where it first encounters the unthinkably sad skin we met earlier :( The almost imperceptively thin filmy print is then heatpressed onto the blank skin using heat and pressing in magical harmony.

That's when we seal it. Oh boy, do we seal it. The entire front of the head is sealed in a clear protective film, allowing you to throw beer and salad cream at your custom drum head with zero adverse effects. ZERO.

Here's one we made earlier:

For this example we have chosen the artist 'Example'.

We then cut any mic holes you need, pack it up in the original Remo box and send it to where you live (or work) any where in the world. Jobs a good one!

Choosing the right drum head

We offer a variety of finish options so you can make your custom drum head super unique, eyecatching and hyper fly.

Our standard finishes are gloss and matt. Gloss will get you a lovely shiny drum head, and matt will get you a lovely not-shiny drum head:

We also offer a clear drum head option, for when you want parts of your custom skin to be see-through:

If you want to really push the boat out we offer a range of metallic finishes, from mirror chrome through to sparkle. Remember, metallics are most effective when used sparingly - mirror chrome text on a black background almost always looks better than the reverse.

Here's a guide to our metallic finishes:

Setting up your artwork

At we're committed to reproducing your artwork to as high a standard as possible.

For the best results follow these guidelines when producing your artwork:

If you don't understand the following techie stuff don't worry - just get in touch or email us what you've got and we'll help you out!

  • Artwork should be prepared at actual size (e.g. 22" across) with an additional 0.5" of bleed all the way round. So, for a 22" drum head your artwork file will be 23" across.
  • Your artwork file should be 150dpi or above.
  • Your artwork should be set-up in CMYK colour mode.
  • Your artwork should be supplied in TIF, PDF, JPG, AI, SVG, EPS or PSD format.
  • We can accept both vector or bitmap files. 

If you are planning on designing your drum head in Photoshop or Illustrator, see below for templates:

16" Template - Download [PDF Format]
18" Template - Download [PDF Format]
20" Template - Download [PDF Format]
22" Template - Download [PDF Format]
24" Template - Download [PDF Format]
26" Template - Download [PDF Format]

If you are designing a clear head please clearly label any elements of the design you would like printed in white.

If you are designing a metallic head with coloured areas we can print the colours as solid or translucent areas. Tranlucent areas will allow the sheen of the metallic finish through, so the colour will become a metallic. Solid colours will remain flat on top of the metallic. Please specify whether you would like solid or translucent colours. 

If you are playing live regularly we'd recommend you protect your custom drum head with our optional Holz reinforcer installation.

Available in black, white and chrome, not only does a Holz protected mic hole look great, but enhances the sound of your bass drum.

Lusting for a fiberskyn? We offer a matt fiberskyn look so you can lust no more!

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