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Give the gift of Custom Skins

What do you buy the drummer who has everything except a custom skin?

A custom skin, of course.

And since you probably don't have an access all areas pass to their imagination (or the password to their laptop), gift vouchers from Custom Skins are the best way of making sure they get exactly what they want. We'll even help out with the artwork, if required.

Whether they use it for a totally custom head, a classic crest, or one of our off the shelf designs, gift vouchers from custom skins will guarantee you one happy drummer on their special day. 

The voucher is presented in a gift card, containing a unique code which can be redeemed against the corresponding value of goods on the website. 

How does it work

As our custom drum heads are available in all kinds of configurations and costs, our gift vouchers are available in increments of £20.

Here's a guide to what you'd get for your vouchers (based on delivery within the UK):

1X £20 Gift Voucher (£20)
Di nada. Nothing. Worst gift ever. This covers 2 sets of shipping, so we can ship you nothing, twice.

4X £20 Gift Vouchers (£80) 
One of our off the shelf designs.

5X £20 Gift Vouchers (£100)
A crest design printed head, with initials of your choice, or an Off The Shelf design, with reinforcer.

6X £20 Gift Vouchers (£120)
A crest design with metallic finish or reinforcer, or a custom design head.

7X £20 Gift Vouchers (£140)
A crest design with metallic finish and reinforcer, or a custom design head with reinforcer.

8X £20 Gift Vouchers (£160)
A custom design head with metallic finish and reinforcer. 



Frequently asked questions

How will my gift voucher arrive?

Your voucher will be contained within a branded gift card, and dispatched via First Class post within 5 days of purchase.

How can the gift voucher be redeemed?

The voucher will contain a unique printed code which will allow goods up to the value of the voucher total (including shipping) to be purchased through the website. The voucher code is applied at checkout.

What if I don't use the full value of the voucher?

The code will roll-over with the remaining credit, which can be applied to any future purchase.

How does the recipient supply artwork for their printed drum head?

Artwork can be uploaded during the order process. We are happy to assist with artwork creation - just email us.

How long is the gift voucher valid for?

Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from purchase. 

If you have any questions about gift vouchers please get in touch