About us

Customskins.co.uk is a printer of custom bass drum heads based in London, UK.

We have been printing custom drum heads for 10 years now. In that time we've printed over 4000 drum heads. We print in-house with our own equipment; a couple of the latest digital inkjet and UV machines.

Here's some other true facts about customskins.co.uk:

  • We once tried to name our drumskin printing machines after famous Ipswich Town footballers from history, but it never caught on.
  • We held a 'Day out at Customskins.co.uk Competition' in association with Rhythm magazine, which attracted literally tens of entries.
  • We ran an advertising campaign to win a sea-kayak, but nobody entered. This was lucky, as we had no sea kayak.
  • Sometimes we consider shutting customskins.co.uk down and relaunching as an electric car charging company.
  • We printed the multicoloured skins for The Who's vistalite kit used at the climax of the Olympics closing ceremony.
  • We have printed drum heads for both Queen and The Queen.

If you have any questions regarding customskins.co.uk or would like to feature us in your competition/editorial/awards ceremony don't hesitate to get in touch.