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No rigging? No problem. Our freestanding backdrops stand on their own two feet with no help from anyone.

Great for use as a compact backdrop on smaller stages, or as freestanding amp scrims on larger ones, our freestanding backdrops are available in a couple of sizes, and a couple of materials:

Polyester fabric. This is what we use for our hanging backdrops. It's a knitted polyester fabric that combines strength and beauty in equal measure. It's not 100% blockout when lit from behind, but still packs impressive density.

Speaker scrim. This is an acoustic polyester mesh that allows light and sound through. Good for amp scrims or subtler stage dressings.

The lightweight aluminium stand packs down into a smart, compact carry bag. Your printed backdrop is tensioned between the top and bottom crossmembers for a nice tidy look. Assembly takes just minutes. Whilst these are suitable for use outdoors we'd recommend adding weights to the feet to counteract any wind.