T-Shirt Artwork guide

Here's how to submit your artwork for the best possible results. Don't worry if you don't have the software or skills to follow this - just upload what you have and we'll do the rest.

Work to a 30cm x 40cm Canvas

The t-shirt printing machine prints on a 30cm x 40cm area, just about here on the shirt:

We will reduce the dimensions of the image for smaller t-shirts (e.g. kids sizes) but cannot increase it for larger ones, so an XXL t-shirt will have a proportionally smaller image:

Here's a 30cm x 40cm template for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Send us a png with transparency

It's best to submit your artwork as a png with transparency. That way we can print white ink where it's meant to be, and easily back up the other colours in white so they're nice and opaque on coloured t-shirts.

Of course, if you're filling the entire canvas with an image you don't need to use transparency:

Likewise, if you're ordering a white t-shirt you don't need to include transparency as we never print white on white. That would be stupid.

Make sure you save your PNG file at 300dpi for optimal print quality. If you have a vector or PSD and can't be bothered to resave as a PNG just upload it and we'll do the rest.

We'll always send you a proof to approve before we print so you can check everything is hunky dory.