Ultimate Guide to ordering a Customskin


...full colour photos, single colour logos, patterns, colours, most of the Kardashians.

Just as an example, here's a design we printed for Example:

For your drum head we'll need a logo or artwork file to print. Ideally it would be laid out in glorious high res on a proprietary Customskins template, but we're realists here so accept that it probably won't be. Don't worry! We'll help get your artwork up to scratch free of charge, internalise all the rage and take it home to our families so you don't have to worry about it.

For more artworking info and templates keep on a scrollin'.


Once you have a design it's moolah time. Choose the type of drum head you want (standard, metallic etc) and order it online in the size and specs that you want. Giddy from the influx of funds, we'll send you a preview to approve before we print.

Once printed, we'll pack it up and send it to you at the delivery address provided within 3-5 working days. This is the point at which we must part. Please, write every day! (Don't).


Fact: Most people are professional graphic designers. If you fit into this category, which you almost definitely do, here's some templates to lay your design out on in Photoshop or Illustrator ------->

Try and keep your images at 300dpi, vectors are great, and save down as a pdf. Don't flatten the guides onto your artwork - keep them on a separate layer or remove them entirely so we don't have to hunt down and dismember you. You'll notice that there's no mic holes shown on the templates - you can mark these yourself on a separate layer. Just do a circle of the size required. We can cut a mic hole anywhere on the drum head, but don't put it too close to the edge (we recommend at least an inch of clearance minimum). We'll always cut the mic hole according to the artwork (if it's marked), rather than the spec submitted on the order.

If you're not a graphic designer...

...congratulations for doing something useful with your life. Since you're busy extinguishing forest fires or fostering vulnerable children just upload what you have (jpeg, png, meme) and we'll work on it our end.

Template or no template, we'll send you a preview of the finished design to approve before we print. Feel free to email your design over to us to check before you order, if it makes you happy.

Designing for metallics

If you choose one or our metallic drum head options it's worth considering how you would like the metallic finish to be used on the design.

For example, a chrome logo on a black background. When preparing your artwork we'd prefer you use transparency for any areas that will have the metallic finish, and any white printed areas should be white. Again, we'll send you a preview before we print so you can make sure it's everything you dreamt of.

Sizing and Mic holes


Make sure you're confident about the size of the bass drum before you order. If you have accidentally ordered the wrong size because you didn't measure your bass drum click here.

Mic hole placement

Most people have a mic hole cut in their drum head. The standard positioning is 4/5 o'clock, but it can be anywhere on the drum head. Be aware that a big mic hole on a small drum head will take up a sizeable amount of real estate, and decrease your value for money accordingly.

Mic hole reinforcers

For an additional charge we can fit a reinforcer on your mic hole. If you're playing live a lot, touring, or have clumsiness in your DNA we recommend adding one. The mic hole is a weak point in the drum head and a careless foot in the wrong place will cause a tear in your beautiful drum head.


Gloss vs Matt

Our standard drum heads come in a gloss or matt finish.

For live or TV use we'd typically recommend a matt finish. This it will reduce any glare from lights, making the logo more visible in most stage settings.

Gloss will give a touch more vibrancy to the colours, and is a nice look if shiny is your vibe.


All our clear drum heads have a gloss finish, just FYI.

These are printed onto Remo Emperor rather than Remo Ambassadors, as Emperors are more optically clear, and someone has to use them.

We back any colours in white ink for extra opacity but the print isn't 100% opaque. If you're planning to light your bass drum from the inside some light will bleed through.


We print a range of awesome metallic finishes.

Metallic designs work best with a dark, contrasting colours (often black). Subtler combinations (white and chrome, for example) will look nice in your house but will be lost on the main stage at Bestival.

All our metallic drum heads have a gloss finish for maximum metallic zing.

How we print

It all starts with a brand new Remo Ambassador bass drum head:


Sad, isn't it? Not for long.


First we remove the Remo logo, leaving a pristine blank drum head. Meanwhile, the Custom Skins graphics department have been busy arranging your design, pixel by pixel, ready to print onto it.

Over, on the other side of the Custom Skins factory, a machine whirs to life, and prints your design onto an almost imperceptively thin film in magnificent 8 colour glory. This is then transferred to another equally whirry machine, which is where it first encounters the unthinkably sad skin we met earlier :( The almost imperceptively thin filmy print is then heatpressed onto the blank skin using heat and pressing in magical harmony.

That's when we seal it. Oh boy, do we seal it. The entire front of the head is sealed in a clear protective film, allowing you to throw beer and salad cream at your custom drum head with zero adverse effects. ZERO.

We then cut any mic holes you need, pack it up in the original Remo box and send it to where you live (or work) any where in the world. Jobs a good one


Does it affect the sound?

The print and protective film increases the weight of the drum head to something more akin to a double ply head, giving you a little more low end. The difference in sound from the original Remo Ambassador is minimal though.